Problems with midi filter and some weird data via usb out

since I think the last update some weird things are happening. The midi filter shows no effect anymore (usually I’m blocking all CC and PC, but Zynthian still receives volume changes from my keyboard (mopho keyboard)).
Also it somehow affects the sound of the mopho synthesizer! Like often the volume is totally different and also things like the arpeggiator behave wrong and other sound parameters change strangely.
(I’m using both the mopho sounds and zynthian sounds and I play both with mophos internal keyboard)

You know that loading a snapshot overwrites the midifilter unless you remove it from the file via webconf?
Try to change midiprofiles after loading the snapshot

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I tried loading the midiprofile after selecting the snapshot, but it didnt change the behavior.
(But still good to know, I didnt know that. Thanks!)

Does the midi filter also apply for infomation sent out of the zynthian? I never had to do something about it not controlling the volume of my mopho synth but now it does.