Program Change using Squarp Pyramid & Zynthian

Been trying to get my head around how I can have my Pyramid Sequencer load sounds from the Zynth when I open a project.

I’m not expecting you to know how the Pyramid works but you may be able to point me in the right direction and I may have missed something on the Zynth.

So correct me if I’m wrong but to be able to recall the engines and patches I have used, I have to have made a snapshot.

So what I did was create 3 tracks on my Pyramid, sending them to MIDI 1, 2, 3
Created 3 layers on the Zynth, mapped to MIDI 1, 2, 3
Recorded some notes
Everything played back fine
Saved the Snapshot, then renamed it in the webUI

I then Removed all the Zynth Layers to then try and work out how I recall it.

I also noticed on the webUI my snapshot has a Program/Bank (000/002)

So on the Pyramid I have this window


PC - MSB - LSB < this looks like the right place.

It was my hope that changing these values would call the snapshot and on play, my sounds would load.
Unfortunately not - the Zyth crashed. Well the UI did, I could force a restart.

So I then manually loaded the snapshot
But only MIDI channel 1 played, 2 and 3 were silent.

However, if I selected Track 2 on my Pyramid, and moved the knob for the PC parameter, the presets for that layer started cycling through and I could find the one I wanted.
The same for track 3.
The Project then played

While that is really neat that I can move though the presets from the Zynth on my Pyramid, as soon as I removed all the layers and reloaded the snapshot, channels 2 and 3 were silent again.

So I guess after all that preamble (sorry :smiley:)
Has anyone any idea why only midi channel 1 plays when loading a snapshot?
Am I able to call a snapshot via program change?

Just wondering if i’m missing a Zynth setting or something obvious and I have seen at least one member mention they have a Pyramid.

Any suggestions welcome

OK, I have got a little further.

None of my snapshots were including the actual patch, just the engine and bank.
I have ran the Zynth updater and that looks to be now recalling the patches.

My crashes seem to be because i picked “FluidR3 GM/” and when trying to recall or remove that layer the UI crashes. Picking another engine and sound looks to be fine.

So It looks to be working with manually saving and recalling snapshots

What SD image are you using? There was a problem with FluidSynth and some SD images have a broken version of it. You can solve it by re-installing fluidsynth on your SD, like this:


Or you could try one of the latest ones, from the nightly builds:


Raspbian GNU/Linux 10 (buster)
Build Date: 2020-03-11

Thanks I’ll try the reinstall or new image

I have also managed to sort the program change I think - I had the master channel turned off because I originally only had 16 MIDI channels available.

It’s back on now and i’m working though how it works.
Annoyingly the Pyramid PC starts at 01 and Zynth at 00