Program Changes, Snapshot, ZS3 - Midi Filter Rule - Oxygen Blue

Hi All! I have been working on splits (Midi Filter Rules) and layers (Clone).

ZS3 SubSnapShots work perfectly when using basic program changes (without MSB or LSB).

I enabled Admin: Stage Mode and Program Change ZS3

My snapshot has
Midi 0 Piano with learned program change 0
Midi 1 DX Piano with learned program change 1
Midi 2 rhodes Piano with learned program change 2

When I send a basic program change from my Kronos or M-Audion Oxygen 25 (using Advanced Prog # Enter), the Zynthian calls the proper ZS3 SubSnapShots.

I would prefer to use a button because 1 press is faster than 4 or 5 presses…

When I assign a button on the Oxygen to send a program change, msb-0 and lsb-0 (Using Advanced Control Assign 145 enter, Advanced Data1/2/3 # enter), the Zynthian insists to load the Snapshot number in folder 0 instead of the SubSnapShot that is already loaded.

I added a Midi Filter rule to filter out the Bank MSB and LSB


but that did not resolve the issue.

I assume this has to do with the M-Audio USB MIDI.

How to fix? Anyone have any ideas?


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It seems you changed the master Channel setting , or your keyboard is sending in Channel 16.


Thank you @jofemodo! Apparently the Oxygen playback buttons default to Midi channel 16. I changed them to Advanced Channel Assign C01 and everything works again. Sam