Recorded audio folder in webconf


Hi, i was wondering if it’s possible to add the recorded audio folder (maybe inside library section) for grabbing recordings directly from webconf instead of manipulating ftp clients…



Hi @mheidt!

Recording directly to the SD card is not recommended, as it could easily end with a corrupted SD card if the systems crashes or if it’s unplugged while recording. The recording system will detect if an USB memory-stick is plugged and will try to use it for recording. If it’s not present, it will use this folder:


You can take a look to this script for better understanding of how it works:




I didn’t say the word “SD card”…I swear :joy::joy:… internal memory it’s enough for quick inspiration recordings. I agree. My suggestion was just related to local folder…


could be useful a function “delete recordings” on this webconf section, over the ability to download them :wink:


but fernando did for a reason.

He knows me…I didn’t kmow that an usb stick would be considered. :slight_smile:

Furthermore i will implement the option to delete files.


Ahahah… Conspiracy :joy::joy:


Sorry guys!

Zynthian needs a good user’s guide, i know that.

A guide with detailed description of every feature, screenshot captures of every menu, and some video… It’s a pitty that we have’t a decent one, and it’s my fault. Y prefer developing over writing documentation :relaxed:

But i don’t forget it and i hope it will change very soon :wink:



What about Glenn?
Should it only be online or locally stored as well?
So that you can read it (linked from webconf), when zynthian is not online.


Glenn has made a HUGE work in the wiki, documenting many features of Zynthian, including the UI and webconf. It’s a great base, but it’s not complete and it’s my fault because i have not given enough feedback to him. I must dedicate some time to revise carefully the current documentation, fix and complete. But i’m lazy with this kind of tasks … :flushed: and it should change … :wink:



I think that on-line is OK, but should be available in PDF format too. Perhaps we could have a “compact user’s guide” specially thought for printing. Currently the “workflow” diagrams are very well suited for that.



I feel your pain :rofl: