Rotary encoder and master volume suggestions

I have two suggestion to make regarding the Rotary encoder UI.

I think the rotary encoder UI could be improved for the screens where the encoders are active but the values not displayed, if the top line area that shows the current instrument could temporally be replaced with the name of the encoder, it’s reading and underneath a horizontal level bar. After say one second after the user stopped twiddling the knob then the display would revert back to normal. That would be a really useful improvement I think to graphically display the encoder value on all screens while the knob was being turned. If the user twiddled two knobs at the same time then the first one twiddled would win until the user stopped moving that knob and then the other one would be displayed if it was still being moved.

The other is regarding the master volume. Unfortunately my Roland RP101 electronic piano does not have a volume control for the Aux input and so I always have to adjust the master volume using the Zynthian. I know and use the Long-push snapshot knob shortcut but I have to wait two seconds before it switches to the Audio Levels screen and then I have two use two hands or take longer using just one hand to adjust both the left and right outputs. (It would be MUCH better if there was an option for a single digital control with a PAN adjustment.) Also a single back button click does not take me back to the screen I was on before. So back to my suggestion – could we add a new shortcut to adjust the master volume without leaving the current screen. I would suggest pressing and holding any one of the four encoder knobs and then while the knob was still held down rotate the encoder at least two clicks to assign the master volume to that knob. At least two clicks are needed while the knob is held down to prevent accidental assignment. The knob would remain assigned to the master volume until the user navigated to a different screen which displays and assigns a different parameter to that knob. At this point the master volume assignment to that knob would be forgotten completely.

I know a could use the CC#7 Volume knob to do this (and I do in a lot of cases,) but CC#7 is not the same as adjusting the master audio levels. Also I play the WARBL (google it) and have assigned my breath pressure to map onto CC#7 and so cannot use that as a volume control. It would be really convenient for me (and I hope to others also) to have a quick simple shortcut to adjust the master volume as described above. Please post what you think of these ideas.

By the way I am absolutely loving my new Zynthian and I really want to thank everyone who has contributed to the Zynthian project. You should be realy very proud of your work.