RPi Headphones Clock Rate 2109-0925 stable

HI all! Here is my latest concern with my rpi4 Zynthian and Waverunner HDMI Touch Screen.

This happens when I download the 2109-0925 link in discourse and when I download the latest stable.

I download with Mojave Safari and Etch with the latest Balena etcher for Mac.

First I select a custom kit and re-boot. Second I change the audio to RPi Headphones and re-boot. Third: I change the display to Waveshare 7 HDMI/USB or Waveshare 5 and re-boot. Last I ssh into the Zynthian and increase the alsamixer headphone audio to 0db.

I ran update on the Zynthian and in under software config.

I noticed that my kit does not auto-reboot - I have to power down and back up each time.

When I test the RPI headphones audio I get this clock rate issue:

RPi headphones were working in the 0923 build.

Here are my screen captures:

Screen Shot 2021-09-30 at 7.36.47 AM

Please advise. Thank you! Sam