RPi4 Zynthian latest release: Issue with getting Pianoteq UI on remote PC

As I can see from the wiki, I should be able to het the Pianoteq UI using VNC, but doing this I simply get the view of the Zynthian UI, the same as I have it on a 5’display connected to the Pi. Is there a specific port for getting this UI? Now I’m connecting without port specified (just IP address).
I’m a licensed user of Pianoteq 6.7.3 standard (not stage) and that is what I’ve installed and works fine. I can make a selection of instruments, but can’t get the original UI.

I’ve managed to get the native pianoteq UI on my PC, using Xming and vncserver on the Rpi running zynthian. Very cumbersome, but it works reasonably well. Doing the same on my ipad using X11 app is a bad experience. A very slow interface, really unusable. Why not creating the original UI on a different port? For example zynthian UI on port :0 and native UI on port :1 (so ip port 5900 and 5901).


Because no one has thought to do that. Bung a request in the github so it doesn’t get lost.

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