Simple button for selecting?

Hello, while dealing with the Zynthian for some months now I felt the rising urge to have a simple button that you can only push, in addition to the selection knob. Because when I want to select a sound and I push this rotatable knob it quite often happens that I accidentaly rotate it a little bit and then I select something next to it. Someone else has this from time to time?
Would it be possible to solder some button to it, to have them both? What button would I need and how to attach it?

Same here, I made my zynthian with additional buttons :slight_smile:

You can wire a NO (Normally Open) button in parallel to each encoder switch (don’t remember correct pins right now).

It’ll works without software changes

cool, thanks! I will do this too.

Something like this shuld do it, right?

Yes. It should works.

i did too… and i suggest you a button for snapshot too.
Ok, right… i’m lazy… i did only two buttons :smiley:


I want to build a button using the arduino midi to move one sound to another, quickly control the soundbank fluedsynth in zynthian, for live performance please help.{schematic and code }

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