Snapshot issue when moving from stable to testing

I was beginning to get so many patches on my stable branches in zynthian that I decided to try and go for the testing branches. The new Audio Mixer looks great and fills a definite void in the old version!

However I have a migration issue: My old snapshots created on stable load fine, but the layers don’t show up in the Audio Mixer, although they can be played and heard. It seems the Audio Mixer replaces the old layer list for selection of layers to edit, so the old layers are unseen, although once an engine UI is brought up, they can be stepped through by clicking the Layer knob.

I sortof miss the textual layer list, it’s harder to read the layer names in the Audio Mixer so it’s harder to get an overview of the existing layers.

Is there something I’ve missed here regarding loading old snapshots, or is this a known bug or limitation at this point? After all, the branch is called ‘testing’…

Non issue

Well, yes, possibly, but could you elaborate?

There is an issue which I intend to resolve in a future update. It is likely that the audio routing needs reasserting. Each layer needs to be routed to a mixer input channel but the old snapshots route to the main output. Using the layer context menu to change routing may fix this. It is a bit laborious and should be automatic but not yet!

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On the map of zynthiania, testing branch is labelled “here be dragons”

Yes, certainly, so that’s why I’m trying to increase my chances of survival by trying to ascertain the location of those dragons. :smiley:

In this case, it could be something that I’d missed, or something that should have worked, or something that was not yet implemented, or something completely different…

I had the same issue. I created a new snapshot and compared the files.
When I replaced the routing strings (close to the bottom) the old snapshot worked again.

Perhaps I should create a quick fix migration script …