Snapshot Title in Control Screen

Currently, using FluidSynth, when you load a snapshot the only indication which snapshot is loaded is the title bar that shows the soundfont and the preset. I have multiple snapshots of the same preset but with different configurations (eg different transposition, different effects). I can’t tell which one I currently have loaded because they all show the same preset.

It would be nice to be able to see the snapshot name somewhere on the control screen, not necessarily the title bar. Maybe the soundfont/preset name could be replaced with the snapshot name?

What do others think?


So in this particular snapshot I have nano control.zss.

The GUI would allow the snapshot name to be displayed … where we only see the soundfont and the preset …

Might get a little lost on smaller screens.
From an overall least change perspective, I think the title bar is probably the best place for it, but perhaps it could align right? How do we deal with overlong snapshot names? Would one want to see the head or the tail of a possibly involved snapshot name?

Presumably it should also display in the soundfont preset screen . . ?

Seems like a feature request… :smiley:

which I’ve just noticed ! :smiley:

I’ve just stuck one in for MIDI mapping display in there :smiley:

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Yes, I put in a feature request and @jofemodo requested further discussion, hence this item.

Doesn’t sound like I’ve created much interest…

For me it’s important - particularly in a performance situation where you want to check that you have the right snapshot loaded BEFORE you play the first note.


There is currently no indication of what snapshot is loaded. When you are in an engine’s control screen it shows you the engine and preset name. A snapshot is the full collection of all the engines, their patching and settings, sequencer patterns, tracks, etc.

I agree it would be advantageous to be able to see what snapshot is currently loaded and whether any changes have been made to alter it since loading and before saving the snapshot. I can’t see where that might best be shown during performance. We could add the name of the currently loaded snapshot to the snapshot screen, either within the title or by indicating within the list, e.g. adding a symbol before the name of the currently selected snapshot, maybe a chevron (’>’) for the currently selected unmodified and a star (’*’) for the currently selected modified snapshot. It doesn’t present it in a quickly viewable location but it may be a start.

Thanks @riban.

Does anybody else want this?

I think the solution should probably be:

When you’ve loaded a snapshot, replace the title with the name of the snapshot - I don’t think there’s a need for folder names, just the snapshot name. For anything else, just keep it as-is.

I don’t think you need to note whether you’ve changed anything - leave that to the user.