Sound demo - soundfonts

Guys and gals.

I am totally in love with this box.

I thought I was just buying a synth machine but then I discovered the soundfonts. They are huge!

This will change a lot of stage playing for me!

Listen to this demo, all sounds are from Zynthian except the drums, they are from Reason.

Salamander Piano, Stereo Rhodes and some bass soundfont.


Yessssss!! Fantastic playing, my friend!! Congratulations! You may have a “black” gen lost in your viking ADN. :grin:

BTW, I hear some click … probably the Salamander Piano puts the Zynthian in the edge… or perhaps is the disk access. I mean …

FYI, LinuxSampler is capable of using very big soundfonts, bigger than the available RAM. It reads the samples dynamically from the disk (SD in our case), caching a few milliseconds from every sample so it has time enough for reading the rest when needed. As you can imagine, when the soundfont is big (and Salamander is quite big), you need a fast disk access, aka a fast SD card. The fastest, the better. So … if you intend to use big soundfonts, i would recommend you to buy the best (and faster) SD card you can afford. Put attention to the “read-speed”, that is what you need.


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BTW, I added your demo to our wiki :wink:

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Yeah it might be also that I put an mono reverb effect on the piano (a mistake).

After I deleted the effect it was much better

Sound very sweet. No effects, Presonus 22VSL and Reason 10.

Might be one click in there but I don’t think so.


Really sweet. Salamander is a great soundfont and your fingers, really good ones too … jeje!
BTW, did you feel some latency when playing?

No, no latency.

Just great.

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Have you tried Pianoteq already?

Hi. I forgot to answer you :slight_smile:

Yes I tried it already, I just don’t have the money for it right now…

I found this one better than Salamander

With a 2/4Gb Raspi4 you might be able to load the big one. Didn’t work with raspi3.

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Ok nice.

I use the Rhodes/electric piano samples from this site. Sounds very sweet.

Soundfonts can be very large if they have lots of samples. Such large soundfonts take a fairly long time to load and consume more memory. I tend to find the instruments I want and extract them to a smaller soundfont file, i.e. a .sf2 with just the sounds I need. This will load faster and is more likely to fit into a 1GB RPi memory.