Sound didn't stop sometimes after software update

Hi Folks,
I did an software update yesterday evening with the result that the sound of a lot of engine don’t stop after key off. E.G. Raffo, Helm, Linux Sampler and so on. Sometimes if I play 8 keys the sound stops and I can play normal a short period. If I switch the sound the first note sound in the former selection. By the way, my keyboard send velo zero as NoteOff.
Can anybody give me a hint.
Greetings Roman

IS it connected via USB? and if so have you turned on the USB 12 M limit in the webconf audio section?

Hi wyleu, it is connected via midi-in. btw I use an audioinjector soundcard.

Presumably the fault continues after a reboot?

Yes, I,ll try a new flashed sdcard. Can you tell me the default ip-adress for lan?

Hi all,
now I tested a new SD-Card image , but it is not running. No connect via lan or anything else.
I put my former zynthian sd-card into the slot and can connect via lan. Wlan is not possible to set up. Playing the audio test is without result. I guess it’s end of life time for my zanthian project.
Thanks and greetings to all.

There isn’t realy a default IP address it tends to get allocated by the router. It is however displayed in startup.