Sound Problems with PI-DAC PCM 5122 HIFI

Hi, I couldn’t adjust the sound of the note when I press the key. The sound is short, I would like a long one with fading.

Which sound and which engine are you using…?

The adjustment EFFECT LAYER does not work, probably the sound card does not fit. I put the card PI-DAC PCM 5122 HIFI

I can’t add the effect of smooth sound attenuation, probably because of the card the sound is short?

Can you get a screenshot of the zynthian touchscreen in layer mode?


Could you send an audio record of the sound you get?
Do you have the same problem with every engine and preset?
Does work the “Audio Test”?


If you’re looking for a long sound after you have released the key then you need to find the “Release” parameter for the amplitude envelope.

Have a look through the zynaddsub layer parameters for something like “amp release” I’ll see if I can check against mine this evening.

Edit: it might be called “R.dt

Where is the problem, my friend? Everything seems perfectly OK … :wink:

As @Baggypants sugest, you probably are looking for the ADSR adjustments. This depends a lot of the engine: Not all of them have ADSR controls available on Zynthian UI, or have ADSR at all.
To be concrete, ZynAddSubFX is the engine where people normally miss those ADSR controls , but it’s not “so easy” to implement because most of ZASFX presets have several layers, with independent ADSR each… anyway, i will do it some day … jejeje!


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Hi, that is, it’s easier for me to assemble a separate board for effects RELEASE, DELEI ,

and output sound through this effects board.