Soundfount/preset for "Like Anyone Else" by Derek Trucks


My band covers this song Like Anyone Else by Derek Trucks Band, here’s the YouTube link.

If you’re at all interested, here’s my band doing the same song.

I’m the keyboard player in the band, and I just got my Zynthian box. I haven’t yet assembled it, but that should be done soon. Anyway, meantime I’m trying to figure out what Soundfont/samples/settings could be used to emulate the keyboard at 0:32 seconds in. It sounds like it’s probably a Harpsichord running through a wah pedal? Maybe? I tried that Autowah with the AlienWah in the MODUI and it didn’t quite line up like I thought. Clearly, there’s a Wah, but I guess I’m having trouble identifying the source noise earlier in the signal chain. Any thoughts? Suggestions?


Hi @programsam

for my ears it sounds like a guitar - perhaps Tele or Strat with bridge single-coil through auto-wah…

Regards, Holger


So two guitars, then?

Or one guitar and he’s turning the pedal on and off?

Cause it’s call and response with that eighth note figure right? Once without a wah sound and then the next with a wah – I’m sure that the SECOND call is a guitar (that’s Derek Trucks)… but the first?


Maybe… the sound seems to be very twangy like a Tele or Strat.

Hm… for my ears it sounds like different instruments. If I have time I will try to hear with good earphones.

Regards, Holger


Right. I think it’s two instruments too, and I think one is clearly a tube amped slide guitar and the other is… what’s in contention, but I think it’s an analog synth of some kind running through a Wah pedal.