Still sound problems (ZynADAC)


The misfortune is there again :/, I again have audio problems at the output of the ZynADAC official kit 4.5 card (small crunches or sizzles at the end of the musical note). I bought this kit about a month ago. After doing a lot of tests (cable replacement, amplifier, RPI power supply, micro SD cards), the problem seems to disappear and comes back for no reason.

I have a big doubt about this ZynADAC sound card, I wonder if the DAC is not faulty. I insist on the fact that the Zynthian works well with an external USB card (UR222) with the same hardware configuration (except the sound card) and software.

I don’t know if there is an after-sales service to test my sound card or is it possible to have it replaced? I’m ready to buy a new internal sound card, but I can’t find one on the official website.

Thank you for any help
Best regards

Have you sent a message to ? I had problems with the touch screen in a unit a built a short while ago, and was promptly sent a new one which worked flawlessly.


Hello Ricard, thank you for this important information! I did not know what to do, I will send an email. I will keep you informed of what the service provider tells me. Regards

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Hi @Melsiar !

I already answered your email. I’m copying here for reference:

I’m sorry for your problems with the ZynADAC. It normally works fine, so
it could be a faulty component, like the DAC or some capacitor.
I will send you a replacement in the next days, so don’t worry: Your
zynthian will work like a charm very soon!
Anyway, I would like to be sure it’s not a grounding problem. Could you
explain to me how your zynthian is connected to the speakers? Are you
using balanced or unbalanced cables? What kind of speakers/monitors? Is
there a mixer in the middle? Etc.



Hello Jofemodo,
I do not answer your email to avoid duplication, unless you need it.
I’m really happy that my audio problem is followed up, thank you, thank you; thank you :)! My Zynthian connection to the audio speakers is really basic. I use two unbalanced cables (2 pins, ->1 ground signal + 1 hot signal) 6.35 mm jack to RCA that I plugged directly into my amplifier. Two passive speakers are connected to the amplifier.
I control the synthian by the 5-pin Din midi input
I hope my explanation is clear?
See you soon.
Best regards,

Hello Jofemodo, I had a little time this weekend, so I made myself some balanced audio cords.

My UR22mkII audio card supports two balanced inputs, XLR or Jack.

I made two tests, first, I made a cable with a 6.35mm male jack with 3 pins to an XLR male plug according to the following diagram:

I plugged one of the Zynthian outputs into one of the Steinberg UR22mkII audio card inputs. The audio outputs of the Steinberg UR22mkII audio card connected to the active amplifier. The two output of the active amplifier connected to two passive speakers.

Unfortunately that didn’t change anything, the extraneous noises were still present. (I tried to change the output of the Zynthian, as well as the input of the sound card, nothing changes)

Then, I made two male 6.35mm jack (3 pins) to 6.35 jack (3pins) audio cables as shown in the following plan:

Ditto, the parasites are always present.

I even go so far as to plug the Zynthian into a portable 5v power battery, and I changed the amplifier and speakers (it can’t come from there, because it works fine without the Zynthian), but nothing don’t do it.

I defer to you. Regards


A ZynADAC replacement is on the way, @Melsiar :wink:


Hi jofemodo, thank you very much! I’m really happy :slight_smile:

Hello Jofemodo, I received the new ZynAdac. Thank you for your seriousness, now everything works properly! Thank you very much :slight_smile: