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Back from vacation I just found this link:

Especially the used Doepfer USB64 MIDI controller seems to be a nice solution for connecting tons of controllers.

Regards, Holger


Also this project seem very interesting…



Yes - this was the way I found the page at the top of this thread :wink:

I have an Axoliti - and after some trying I must say that it is a really nice synth. But for “good” synths you have to learn much about different kind of sound synthesis. But it is a cheap and powerful entry for simulation of all kinds of synths.

Another nice “toy”: Arpie (I also have one). But there are only kits available at Tindie. The manual is really good - so I think everyone who can solder can build an Arpie.

Regards, Holger


Hey!? Why do not I have one too? :smile:


no problem: PayPal is your friend :wink:

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Speaking of Axoliti, Today’s (May 19-20? 2023) Google ‘Doodle’:

Celebrating Lake Xochimilco
Today’s interactive Doodle celebrates Lake Xochimilco in Mexico, which is the last remaining native habitat for the axolotl.