Synthv1 presets


any way to get these converted to use on zynthian

synthv1 presets

padthv1 presets



There are 2 ways of getting this on Zynthian:

  1. Developing a standalone synth engine for synthv1, padthv1 and the others v1 engines, so we can read its native preset format from the UI

  2. Developing a preset converter, from v1 native format to LV2, and use the LV2 plugin version that is working right now with MOD-UI

I would like to implement 1, as v1 engines are pretty straight-forward and easy to integrate in Zynthian UI, but i don’t know when i would have a time window for that task …

Of course, if some developer want to do it, i would help. It’s a very well suited task to get introduced into the zynthian core engine.

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can you give any general pointers on how to start looking at how to attempt point 1


Of course! Take a look to this:

It’s a good starting point. @C0d3man use this info succesfully for developing the Pianoteq synth engine.