[testing branch] How to access to audio-fx presets

Hello again !

When I add an audio FX to a synth engine, I can access the synth engine presets, but I cannot access the audio FX presets. Is it possible to access it?

I remember asking about this a while ago. I can’t remember if we fixed it (I am away from home today) but if we did it would likely be in the sub-menu for each effect where you can move, deleted, etc. If not then please add a feature request to the issue tracker.

When i go to the submenu, only ‘ replace’ and ‘remove’ are there. I will add a feature request to the issue tracker

Issue #740

It seems we have regression with this. It was working quite nicely but some recent change broke it. BTW, The preset menu should be shown also when the FX is added and this seems to be broken too.

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Thanks a lot for the consideration, it’s working now ! it’s not a big deal but we still can’t save presets via Audio FX, we can save them only in chain mode

Again, i love so much the New UI !