The new Kit v4.1 is out: Balanced Input & Output!

The new kit v4.1 is available on the zynthian shop:

It’s almost the same that the v4, but it includes the Hifiberry DAC+ADC STAGE, that integrates balanced input & output. Yessss! :star_struck:

AFAIK, the STAGE is only available on the zynthian shop :sunglasses:



Looks champion!

Hi @jofemodo, regarding the new Hifiberry, is it still possible to use the RCA pads to wire a single ended output ?

Yes, of course. The pads for the unbalanced RCA are there, and also the 3-pins audio-output header .


okay, thank you, that’s good to know.
Because I’m really considering being my own Santa for the next Christmast. :wink:
I’ve checked my active monitor speakers, they have jack TRS inputs, so as is, v4.1 is okay for my setup, but RCA outputs gives you the ability to showcase your zynthian on quiet every common hifi amplifier.

This has a very simple and cheap solution:

Yes, but I imagine (<=> I’m not quiet sure) that you will loose a couple of dB with that solution because you’re using only the tip signal and not the full differential one.
I’m also assuming that the RCA output stage should be already designed for a correct line level.

Well, I have to admit that maybe “l’m fucking flies” (translation of a very Bad french formulae used here to explain that I’m searching for problems when they do not really exists).

Thanks again for everything.

I suppose the unbalanced output simply takes one half of the differential signal, OUTR+ and OUTL+. This should give a pretty decent line output level. Anyway, i will ask Hifiberry team …


First timer here. Ordered my Zynthian two days ago. Did I just happen to come just in time for a release party? Happy timing! :slight_smile: Looking forward to assemble, play and eventually hack this unit!


Just a bit excited to say that I’ve just bought one…
And a big hello to the community… let the madness begin :crazy_face:


Did someone say madness…?

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Would be cool if it had XLR outputs

It would be pretty trivial to mod it to xlr output, you’d want a new case though.

Yes, I thought of the case. Maybe 19"" with XLR :slight_smile:


Dear Jofemodo,

I just received the kit 4.1, thanks very much!

As a newbie, just a question please - I have difficulties to find how the new DAC+ADC STAGE is to be connected; on the hifiberry page there is no connectivity description (like for the ADC DAC+).
Maybe a quick update on the built instruction as a variant of kit 4?

Sorry if I just didn’t spot it…

Thanks in advance and
Kind regards,

– EDIT –
I found it, was on the wrong page :confused:… Thanks @johey!! For reference:

– EDIT –

I also got my kit today. Just assembled it, testing the encoders. Seems to work just fine. Have yet to test the audio features. :slight_smile:

@ernst, I also found that part a little confusing, but actually you just need to keep scrolling the guide and you’ll find it.

I have a question too. For what should I use the nylon spacers, bolts and nuts?

I shot a photo of the encoders mounted the right way, if you want to update the guide, @jofemodo. Feel free to treat it as public domain. :slight_smile:


I’m getting mine as a Christmas present! :christmas_tree:

However I am not allowed to open it until then. Given the shipping date (October 30! :smiley:), that means about two months of eager waiting. :sweat:

If anybody else is excited for the holidays, raise your hand! :raised_hand:


Those female RCA/male 3.5 are usually better than the opposite… They usually stay in place much better…

If the TRS 1/4" are balanced then presumably the TRS sockets will act as a conventional mono jack if one leg is shorted to ground?

Personally I think balanced should come like this …


And I suspect @riban might agree.
We have been contemptuous of rca connectors before. They fail or pull out at the worst possible times…

Apologies if I’m sounding a bit draconian…
Bad Raven soup…