The world's smallest pipe organ and rpi-based S³-6R

Oh boy! This is going to be interesting…
Would you mind keeping us @zynthianers up to date on your progress? You could make a new topic for it, and I think we would all appreciate it!

The screen, encoders and raspberry pi is going to fit inside the case with some effort, but the battery is an issue. Here is a quick work-in-progress picture, the screen fits in the 3x2 rows buttons.


You have cut out the PCB too ?

that is not needed, it is modular with cables and screws. Midi still works, except for the pads.

Ok I see… And I guess the knobs are a different PCB… but as you replaced 4 of them with Zynthian’s encoders, do the others work anyway ?

Is it possible to define 4 Master Encoder CC like MASTER_LAYER_CC and MASTER_SELECT_CC, MASTER_BACK_CC and MASTER_SNAPSHOT_CC.
It won’t give the 100% translation to the existing encoders as the select action is missing.
But we are getting quite close.
They are like a dynamic priority cc.


It seems quite reasonable and interesting. Let me think about it … :wink:

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It would be great to be able to assign 4 midi knobs to replace the master rotational encoders, and another 4 midi cc for the select action for each. That way, we can just use midi instead of the encoders. On my zynthian, the encoder buttons don’t reliably work, have to press hard to select etc.

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I vote yes…

A first prototype wood top part of the enclosure using CNC.


Nice one…
I suppose that the 2 arrowed buttons are for octave transpose… and the rownof small buttons at the top of the picture ?

Yes, octave buttons, the top row are midi buttons, left over from the launchkey, see image above. They only show 2mm above the wood (which is 3mm thick), so can’t easily afd caps on those, may replace/resolder those encoders.

Or stops in the organ world . …?

and now we come to my favourite job in the world . . . .


what does that emoji mean?

Bangs giant brass gong emblazoned with the Zynthian logo…

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This emoji has been confusing new members from time immemorial. Allow me to explain.

For newcomers, that emoji means “Could you please upload a sound sample from your Zynthian? We would love to hear it! :smiley:

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Who’s joking??? :astonished:

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It’s all here . … .

Whilst you wait, would you like the castle tour…?

I could upload the soothing sound of the CNC machine creating the front plate. Ah, you mean the sound made by the Zynthian itself? I’ll upload something once I have something worth sharing.

Zynthian includes LinuxSampler :grin:

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OK, here is a quick first test of the Zynthian with the embedded keyboard, using the audio recorder for over-dubbing and a few different synths, PianoTeq for piano (the piano voice is from an external midi file, copied using web interface, all other sound is played by keyboard), FluidSynth for bassoon, zynaddsubfx and linux sampler for the other voices.