To many EPs :)

Couldn’t decide on which EP sound to use so I decided to make a recording of all of them.

Not all of them but a lot of them :slight_smile:

They all sound awesome.

Zynthian sounds awesome :slight_smile:

Did you include the ones in the Dexed engine, enable the MDA ePiano lv2 and try and wrangle the EP-MK1 puredata patch?

No I just included my favorites.

I added the jRhodes sound font from somewhere on the internet and the straight Rhodes is from soundfonts4u

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I’ll look into the pd patch.

I havent used pure data at all. Might be my first :slight_smile:

@zynthianers really like awesome stuff.
May we hear it? :face_with_monocle:

Yes of course. Im thinking about how I can let you hear all five of them?

Five bounces?

Yup. Give me 15 min.

I’ll deliver :slight_smile:

Same song. Compressor and reverb in DAW.

Straight Rhodes (soundfonts 4 u)

Stereo Rhodes



HS Wurlitzer (soundfonts 4 u)

What do you think?


Uhhh! Nice track …
What about the Hammond? is it your Nord, zynthian’s setBfree, or some other software? :wink:
BTW, I love the Straight Rhodes sound …

The best!

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It sound great :slight_smile:


Yesssss! It’s one of my favorites … from the very begining! It was the third engine, when only 2 zynthians do exist, and i had both :grin: :relaxed:

  1. ZynAddSubFX
  2. FluidSynth
  3. setBfree
  4. LinuxSampler
  5. Carla … that was replaced by MOD-UI
  6. And so on …

Ohhh …i put special care on the setBfree implementation …



It’s so realistic.

What those 5 EPs have in common is that you used them for a very nice track…

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I think the straight rhodes is my favorite. I would like to hear the mda epiano and some of the others suggested too. In the name of science :slight_smile:

Good point :slight_smile:

I’ll look into it

Hi @Humi!

Did you tried the MDA ePiano? As @ssj71, I also think it could be a strong candidate … :wink:

The best,

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I posted a sound sample here.