Transcription engine

Hi! When I want to transcribe or play over something, I run the following command from the terminal:

mpv -ao jack --af=rubberband cool_solo_i_want_to_learn.mp3

Then I can change tempo down or up with keys such as “[” or “]”. You can also set loop points and play over a section.

Suppose I want to ruin my holidays and look into programming a zynthian engine that does the job, is that even possible?

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Of course, @sbarbit !
But you better improve the current audio player, adding the “rubberband” and “looping” features. The current one is really basic and deserves some love.


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There is already a rubberband LV2 plugin. It’s not very usable though. I started working on a replacement audio player. It should be in a development branch of GitHub. I had planned to get the player working then add a sample looping feature to sequencer as requested by @MrBroccoli based on the audio player codebase. Maybe rubberband becomes available to both.

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FYI, this could be useful:


I will have a look, but I fear that adding those features to the audio player is a much more complex task than I can do. However, time will tell :wink: