Under rc3 choosing custom kit causes startup errors

anyone reported bad startups after selecting custom kit on webconf and changing some audio parameter?
i usually changed or simply tried different buffer size and/or sample rate to minimize xruns on complex sounds, but now zynthian becomes unresponsive with blank screen.

i checked with ssh and during error it says
if i set audio defaults or simply return to kit choice, everything turn fine.
by now i’m using Rc3 zynthian os on a V1 Zynthian

Could you send the full log? Thanks …

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Sure, as soon as possible

ok, it’s quite long… forum engine allows less characters… must put it on a doc.ssh log custom kit selection and audio parameter chg.rtf (54.5 KB)

i just changed buffer size, from 256 to 384. nothing more.

After this, these are the issues related to log i sent:

  • blank display.
  • just now refused to reboot from webconf. must execute from ssh.
  • no sounds (with last state snapshot loaded i should expect…)
    ssh and webconf communications are working. in my case i’m using wired ethernet.

Just to be precise, this issue happens not only with my custom changes,but if i choose any other audio preset.