Upgrading V3 kit to V4 - what do I need?

Hi everyone,

I’m currently using a V3 zynthian and would like to upgrade my existing kit to V4. From what I read on the blog the main ingredients remained the same, so I came to the personal conclusion that I need the following:

  • Pi 4 with a USB-C power supply
  • The new case which includes the heatsink as far as I understand
  • The updated Zynscreen with the buttons (I’m guessing the old one is not reusable, so we would only need the buttons for upgrading?)

Am I correct with this assessment that I can reuse any of the other components? If not what else would I need?

I would really prefer not to buy a completely separate kit at the moment.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Best regards,

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Hi @magge!

Your conclusions are almost OK. You will also need an extra TSR Jack connector, but i would include it with the case if it’s for an upgrade from v3. Simply send me a message with the order number and i will add it :wink:


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Thanks for the quick response. That’s very generous of you! I’ll message you once I submit the order sometime tomorrow.

Do you plan Upgrade v3->v4 Kit in your shop? I guess that would be interesting for some users (at least for me :slight_smile: )

Hi @weichselbaumj!

I don’t plan to release a “upgrade kit” because there are different “upgrade-cases”.
But … you can buy the parts you need for the upgrade according to your needs. Normally you would need:

  • RBPi4
  • Aluminum Case v4 (includes the Zynductor)
  • ZynScreen v1.5 (includes the silicone buttons)
  • An extra Jack TSR connector with harness. If you have the Hifiberry DAC+ADC Standard, you would need 2, because the harness is different.

You can buy all the parts separatelly, except the 1 (or 2) Jack TSR connectors, that i would add for free to your order :wink:


Ok, I understand that. Thanks for your answer! :+1:

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