USB midi to MIDI Out DIN connector?

I’m new to Zynthian. I’ve got a v3 box. It’s a truly awesome little machine and I say this as one who really loves hardware synths. ZynAddSubFx alone is more capable than many hardware synths. I recently was considering a Kawai K5 or even K5000 but now Zynthian with ZynAddSubFx and X11 forwarding fulfills my wish to have high quality additive synthesis without booting Windows.

Anyhow, one thing I would like to do is have the MIDI in from a USB controller sent to the MIDI out DIN connector. That way I could use Zynthian as a convenient way to use a Roli Rise or other USB only controller with normal MIDI DIN devices.

I didn’t find a way to do this with the MIDI Router rules in the webconf. Is MOD-UI the only way of doing this currently?

Pretty sure you just use the MIDI Thru DIN connector. I’m fairly sure I’ve routed using usb to DIN that way.

By default, zynthian routes ALL MIDI coming from USB to MIDI-OUT. So probably you have some problem with your MIDI-OUT. Are you sure it’s working correctly?

I tested it and I’d misremembered. Check your DIN devices is listening on the same channel and you plugged OUT to IN.

Also, programme changes don’t get passed through.

Also also, I’d have thought it would make more sense to send out via THRU. As thats how the DIN sockets work.

Okay, let’s all pretend I didn’t start this thread. :roll_eyes:

It works fine. I’m trying to figure out what I did wrong the first time I tested this.


I had already tested my Zynthian using the MIDI test.

I just hooked up the MIDI cable in the standard loopback configuration that most hardware synths require for their diagnostic mode.

The Zynthian does not like this. :grinning:

Might I suggest a standard MIDI loopback test mode. The Zynthian could push a known MIDI stream from the OUT port and verify that is received without errors at the IN port. That’s the standard end-to-end MIDI port test implemented in many synths. All that’s required is a MIDI cable connected from OUT to IN.

Just supply a short sound sample and ALL will be forgiven !! :smiley: :face_with_monocle:

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I’m fairly sure we did discuss this as a test scenario, even to the extent of generating tones and using the sound to MIDI facilities to do all kinds of testing.

Much to do, much to do . . .