Use Zynthian as a USB/midi host


Hi everybody,

I plan to use zynthian as a usb midi host as i did when i get my raspberry.
I get my raspberry only to use it to connect my Elektron Digitakt (sequencer/sampler) with a Novation launchcontrol xl (midi controller)

It worked perfectly,using the command aconnect. But as I’m not a programmer, i didn’t get it working automatically when i powered on or reboot the raspberry

I discovered the zynthian project and really wanted be in so I did… and I let this idea back because I’ve not so many time these last weeks.

Now my zynthian is working good , i still not finish my enclosure/wiring (that’s why i didn’t registered it on the map, yet) but everything sounds ok.

My plan is to use zynthian only as a bridge to make the launchcontrol.xl control the digitakt midi cc. The digitakt is connected to zynthian to sequence it. I don’t want midi connection between the LC.XL and zynthian.

Tomorrow I’ll have some time to try this functionnality but i don’t want to make a mistake and broke my zynthian.

Do you think I just have to use the command aconnect to connect midi port of the LC.XL to Digitakt midi port as i did it when i only had the raspberry.
Do you know how I can fix this connection and make it worki when i reboot (I don’t want to use the command aconnect everytime i power on zynthian)?

if some of you have advices, or just a point of vue, it will be very usefull.

Many thanks, have a great day/night/evening!!



Today I went to a friend with a Yamaha p105 in the hope to play my Zynthian with it.
I didn’t know that there exist keyboards/pianos without real midi out :slight_smile:
So i am interested in letting become Zynthian a midi host. I don’t have the hardware but I can do the software.
Maybe you could describe what is to be done and @jofemodo and I think about the webconf and zynthian-ui integration.