What has it got in its rucksacks...?


I had a think about a portable zynthian

  1. Hifiberry amp zynth

  2. Jbl control speakers

  3. Akai mpk

  4. Psu

  5. Speaker cables

  6. Long USB lead!

  7. Mouse …

  8. Android 10" tablet


I’m going to do something portable with my next zynthian, but I’ll try to design a foldable case around an Arturia Keystep. The idea is to mimic the old Yamaha PSR6300


I have to say the Android Huaewi T5 10" tablet is seriously let down by it’s tools (unless you know better…)

Tried using the android instance of librewriter player to display songsheets (1 page A4 sheets of Songs…) , You have real problems with listing many documents (Actually works better with a Bluetooth mouse!)

Shells (Putty like) deeply unsatisfying, sftp works but it’s a file or directory at a time
vnc clumsy shell that has disappeared to be replaced by help texts . … .

I keep getting some strange keyboard selection window pop up way too frequently, 10 times whilst writing this…) and again :smiley:

Anyone got nice remote zynthian related things to say about Android tabs cos it would be so much easier to take the tablet and not the hdmi related clutter . . .?

Could we produce a vnc server display hardware config?


I like the tablet.
Using ReadEra and Termux


Termux seems good; can it run as an X Windows terminal?

ReadEra is ok for .docx etc, sadly I’ve got lots of .odt’s which I suppose I should wordise . . .or better still pdf…


At lest realvnc is now playing ball…

Avahi naming seems a rather convoluted process on Android.


OK so this is starting to look practical . . .

  • The Android table now behaves like a decent shell with Termux (python 3.7 after an install)
  • You can ssh onto a machine (No X-window this way as yet)
  • RealVNC runs against a standard hdmi display config size set to 720 * 480 (Realvnc size…)
    So now we can really test the interface…
    VNC tablet Bluetooth mouse
    Zynthian connected wired mouse
    Old fashioned encoders and outdoors.

I wonder how friendly outdoor WiFi will be? It would be a pain to have to carry a WiFi router…


Well a successful mission cycling up to Congleton (15K from Sandbach) and a weight of 7.1Kg.
Unit assembled, and notes played…

No interface on tablet attempted.

Watcher impressed!