Wifi connectivity issues?

Anyone else having problems with the Wifi connection on the Zynthian being … intermittent? I’m operating my Zynthian and laptop about 3m from my Wifi base station (in an adjacent room). The laptop has no connectivity issues (and is operating with one of those USB dongle Wifi interfaces). Connecting the Zynthian via an Ethernet cable works fine, but operating via Wifi is painful. This is especially noticable when using an editor that requires continuous communication with one of the synth engines, in my case using Zyn-Fusion as an editor on the laptop communicating with Zynaddsubfx in Zynthian.

Thinking about it, it doesn’t seem unlikely that there would be Wifi problems, what with the RPi4 being mounted inside a metal case which would provide excellent shielding, although the hole for the display is large so it possibly lets a lot of the RF energy though… But searching the forum for “Wifi” didn’t bring up any massive Wifi issues so perhaps I’m alone in this?

Hello, my opinion, I think like you: the metal box must reduce the passage of the wifi signal, the walls also of and more if they are thick. To be sure, it would suffice to approach the wifi box to see if the problem is the same (in the same room as the wifi access point). Another solution: the direct wifi mode of the zynthian does not suit you?

You mean setting up the Zynthian as a Wifi hotspot? I’d actually forgotten about that, but I really need internet connectivity for both the Zynthian and my laptop, so I haven’t really considered it as a useful mode of operation.

Hello Ricard, yes I was talking about wifi hotstop mode. Otherwise, if you want internet on the zynthian, you may be able to put your computer in connection sharing mode. You will only have to put a small cable between ethernet between the Zynthian and the computer. It’s still better than what you have now, at least I think so.

Yes, certainly, my current solution is simply to run an Ethernet cable from the Zynthian to a network switch in my studio; the Wifi on my laptop works well enough as it is, and the Zynthian then has a direct Ethernet connection. Problem solved, for now.

But what I was getting at was the thing that the Wifi on the Zynthian seems a bit shaky, and speculating as to why. Perhaps some form of external antenna could be employed (better search RPi sites for if and how).

It doesn’t look simple: