Wind controller

Hello Zynthians!

I just finish mount my first Zynthian just some hours ago and yes, is that amazing as I thought it was. Im in love with this machine and we just be together for some hours :laughing:

Im an akai EWI player, so one of the first things I did was plught it to the Zynthiang and try it. I have to say the first feelings were really really nice, but not all is good enought. For example: some of the samplers (sfz from linuxsampler) start to do lot of clicks and noise like XRUNS after some fast notes are played. I think it should be some problem about the sampler configuration, but i dont know were to investigate.

Anyway, this topic is for ask if somebody have try wind controllers with zynthian and want to share experiences with me.

P.S.: I know this is offtopic, but have somebody try to put a audioinjector card in a V2.1 aluminium case? is my next step in the machine, but im not brave enought to make my own case.

Thank you very much for this amazing project.

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Hi Lorenzo!

Congratulations for your succesful Zynthian build :medal_military::medal_military:

A friend of mine and ZynAddSubFX lover too have been using one of my Zynthians with its wind-controller although we had to make some adjustments …

Regarding aftertouch, not all engines support it. Same for CC2, although this is easy to map to CC11 (expression) or CC7 (volume), which is supported by almost every engine. That is what we did for using my friend’s wind controller with ZynAddSubFX. We also had to put the “velocity sensibility” to the maximum.

Probably you also could map the after-touch messages to CC11 or CC7, but i never tried.

I think your experience will help to improve the Zynthian behaviour with this kind of controller. I will be very receptive to your proposals :wink:

Kind Regards!

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Thank you very much for your answer!

Actually, ZynAddSubFX work really nice without any CC map change in the EWI.

The problem are the SFZ in linuxsampler.

There should be nice some kind of plugin to put after the synth/sampler im using to modulate volume with aftertouch CC msg. Tha could be nice! Maybe with time i can investigate in how to do that :wink:

You should try to add a MIDI filter rule from the webconf. Something like that:

MAP CC#2 => CC#7


MAP CP => CC#7


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and while you are there bounce us a bit of audio with the wonderful new record feature and an expressive play :slight_smile::smiley: