Wishlist: recall of captures

I have 2 topics for a wishlist

  1. Posibility to assign captures to a snapshot
  2. Recall an audio-capture via midi-command

You can / should create feature requests on GitHub but you should clarify what you mean.

I am guessing your first request is related to MIDI, like having a sequence associated with a snapshot or maybe recalling the snapshot a MIDI capture was performed with?

Is your second request to be able to playback an audio file triggered by a MIDI note on, like a jingle player?


the first request means: if I recall a snapshot for a special song, than it should load all i need: the sounds and the backing track. So i only have to give the 1st command for loading and a 2nd command for start song.

The 2nd request means: if we had the possibilty to load an audio-file via a midi- command, i could use a controller software: This software could load the snapshot and the assigned song. This song could be started with a midi- command.

I had looked for the possibility to post feature requests in github, but i’ ve found nothing. Maybe i’m blind. I will look once more.

Here’s a link for Zynthian feature requests on GitHub.