Workflows - how do you use yours?


I am a bit confused on Zynthian workflows and when best to use LV2 or MOD plugins. Take for example the synthv1 engine. This may be added as a Synth Layer which creates a javl hosted LV2 plugin. It may also be added as a MOD plugin. Will someone explain their workflows to allow me to understand when each might be used?

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THE whole implementation of MOD was a incredible achievement but in the zynth world everything is an engine so that’s how it was presented. LV2 is really an LV2 focused approach that allows fast integration of a decent plugin spec.

Can one take MOD out into a plugin…?
To be honest I haven’t tried it … :3rd_place_medal:

Do we need a layer map in webconf ?

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Both MOD and jalv are LV2 hosts. Basically MOD was designed for networking many plugins together into a “pedalboard”, jalv was made more to host a single plugin at a time (though its fine for networking several through jack connections). So thats how I’d approach it, playing with a single plugin -> jalv, chaining up lots of effects -> mod. Mod host is meant to be manipulated through the web interface BTW.


As @ssj71 explained, Mod-host and Jalv are LV2 hosts.

  • Mod-UI is a powerfull web canvas that allows creating arbitrary complex patches using LV2 plugins. It’s integrated into zynthian as a special engine. It’s special because it’s not associated to a single MIDI channel, but it receives ALL of them. Also, only can be instantiated once (only one MOD-UI layer). The MOD-UI web clients and zynthian-UI are synchronized with the MOD-UI server using web sockets and http calls.

  • Jalv is a simple LV2 host that runs a single plugin as a jackd client. Zynthian integration allows creating multiple synth layers and effects, assigned to any MIDI channel. Zynthian implements a simple effect chain using Jalv and LV2 plugins. You can easily add some effects to your synth layers and save an snapshot. And you don’t need a browser :wink: