X-Y controller functionality


As potential Zynthian user, I have the following question:
Is it possible to configure the X-Y controller in such way that it resembles the Kaoss Pad

And can then the hold functionality be implemented with the Mr.Freeze plugin?

Are there any videos that demonstrate the use of the X-Y controller together with MOD engine?



Hi @mendopro!

I’ve not experience with Kaos Pad, but the Zynthian X-Y controller allows you to map ANY pair of parameters from the the instrument’s parameter list and assign to X or Y axis of the controller. The controller itself uses the touch-screen. I think this is quite similar to the way Kaoss Pad X-Y controller works.

I’ve no experience with this plugin. I should try … :wink:

Not currently, but it works in the same way that any other synth engine. Anyway, i will try to upload some video in the next days …