X11 connection to Android Tablet

Hello, has anyone managed to access the zynthian from an Android tablet (Android 6.0.1 - lineageOS 13 Manta)? In particular I would like to see the native gui from pianoteq on my tablet.
My attempts so far:
I understand that I need to install an X server on the tablet, is that correct? I have installed and started the Darkside Xserver.
Then I tried to connect to the zynthian using ConnectBot with
ssh -x root@, but without success (error message: authentication method ‘password’ failed)
If I connect without “-X”, the login works fine with the password.
I guess the error is somewhere on the Android side, because from my Linux computer I can access the zynthian with ssx -X and there I can see the GUI when I start pianoteq.
Just to clarify, I don’t want to see the zynthian-gui on my tablet, but the native guis as described in the wiki. (https://wiki.zynthian.org/index.php/Accessing_Zynthian_from_your_computer - Opening Synth Engine Native GUIs on your computer).

Hi, take alook at Mocha X11 Lite. It is small and fast. Greetings Roman

I’ve done it using VNC fro stuff like patchage & other bits and pieces. as well as the Zynthn GUI. . .rather than a straight XWindows…
Android seems not to like avahi naming which involves lots of mucking around with IP addresses which put me off it.

As you probably know the world of X uses client & server the other way round which also adds to confusion.

Anyone else got any XServer for Android opinions…?

Hi, Roman, cool, mocha x11 works indeed. I chose the option “start a new client”, typed in the zynthians ip address, checked the box “x11 forwarding”. However, interacting with e.g. pianoteq gui is so slow… response takes several seconds.

Check the wlan connection, it’s slow. Isn’t it? :grin:

I’ll have to check, and compare to LAN connection.

Hi Hal,
you are my hero. Without your thread I’ve never thougth of the possibility to control Zynthian by my Tablet. It’s works very well (see picture). Now I plan to build a RPi4 with Hifiberry ADC/DAC and place it in my rack.



What is THAT keyboard …?

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It’s a Hammond XE-200.


How did you get the gui to run via VNC, please? I don’t have any rotary encoders yet, so this would be really useful for me!

Hi, here are two related sites that might help you: