Zynthian and Pisound - Absolute newbie

Hi everyone, I have the following configuration but I can’t display my Zynthian to an old VGA screen with an HDMI adapter. I don’t know why. I don’t know what to do with wiring, INT A and INT B, all of this is undecipherable to me. I wish my Pisound would work seemlessly with Zynthian.

Is is also normal that audio levels are PCM only with Pisound ?

Hi @WaNou

If you have a PiSound connected to your Raspberry Pi then the Soundcard configuration should be correct.

Generic HDMI will output Zynthian display to the Raspberry Pi HDMI connectors. (I think it mirrors to both but it is worth trying each.) I don’t know what type of adapter you have or whether Raspberry Pi has analogue output on its HDMI sockets. If not your adapter needs to include the active circuitry to convert.

You should select DUMMY wiring if you have no encoders connected. CUSTOM is for configuring custom hardware attached to the Pi.

Works like a charm now! I haven’t fixed the HDMI issue, I’ll look into that later, but for the time being, sound comes out… I’m delighted!!! Thank you all.

You do, of course, realise that you have made this request of mine obligatory…? :face_with_monocle:

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Hummm @wyleu you lost me there. But to be clear both sound and video output were an issue. Now sound fully works. As for video, it looks like RPI4 doesn’t provide analogue output so it won’t show on a vga screen without a proper converter…

Analog video interconnects really are a pretty pointless in this day and age but tends to hang around on older kit.

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So if I get it right, you are requesting that I post a sound sample of my work as a form of thanks… I’ll do it ASAP, there’s a bit of a learning curve with Zynthian before I do so. But big thanks to everyone in this community.

I have had a look at the HDMI specs and actually think it does not provide analogue video so maybe the adapter is the issue. Did you check both HDMI outputs?

The adapter works with my laptop PC but not with RPI4. I think I checked both HDMI outputs. I’ll have another look later today and keep you posted.

It’s not obligatory in anyway but it seems to work . . . :slight_smile: