Zynthian controlling external synth

Hello. I have a Korg Monologue that I would like to control from zynthian, both from my midi keyboard and from the zynthian sequencer.
I was able to control it, midi channel 6, created a synth layer on that channel and enabled both output and feedback in the ‘advanced midi options’ from the web interface.
The problem is that (I think) the midi clock from zynthian is all messed up, when i try to use the monologue step sequencer it seems that the clock is suuuuuuper fast, basically i only hear a continuous note, all broken.
Moreover, even if I set the monologue to use his internal clock, i’m not able to use the “key trig/hold” function, which basically play the monologue sequence at each keypress.

So my questions are:

  1. Any suggestion to have a reasonable clock from the zynthian, or at least disable it completely?
  2. What’s the difference between midi out and feedback in the settings, and which one should i enable? Could it be the cause of this problem?
  3. Is there a way to add and remove midi devices from the touch screen instead of web ui?
  4. Is there a ‘mute’ synth to use as layer for external devices? For now i used a normal synth and set the volume to 0, but maybe that’s unnecessary…
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Have you tried to disable “MIDI System Messages” from the Admin menu?

MIDI feedback is used for sending CC feedback to controllers with motorized faders, etc. If you don’t have any controller like this, leave all disable.

Input devices are automatically added. Output devices must be enabled from webconf. I hope to improve this very soon.

You better use a “MIDI-THRU” layer. (aka a MIDI layer with a “THRU” MIDI-FX.)


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It’s disabled already…

I don’t see that fx in the list.

You may need to enable the plug-in in webconf

This feature is broken on stable, but it’s been recently fixed on testing. It should remove MIDI clock from zynthian’s MIDI output.

You are right. It’s disabled by default. I will enable it for future SD images.


Ok. Actually, if the clock is configurable then it would be useful to have zynthian as clock source for all the external devices, removing it altogeter is a workaround.
How unstable is the testing branch? I am a developer so I don’t mind the occasional crash or need to reboot…

Also, thanks for answering and many compliments for the project, it’s great!

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We try to keep Testing branch operational. Development should occur in feature or bug fix branches and be merged into Testing of believed to be complete and compatible. This process may fail or may not always be followed. Sometimes Testing can become broken but in general it remains operational and reported breakages are fixed rapidly. Until recently Testing was the equivalent to the only branch available so Stable was the last stable image which may have been over a year old.

If you are happy to have occasional unexpected behaviour then Testing is fine and most users have been using this type of branch for a long time without too much complaint.

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