Zynthian image os 7 inch waveshare lcd


anyone have zynthian os image complete to navigate and control the Zynthian UI without all in one module encoders/switches at all. Only touchscreen


I’ve worked with waveshare touchscreen only, no encoders.


can you share it please wyleu


I will rebuild the rig to see how it functions ( With the Motor 61 ) I don’t remember too many details except I ran it as zynthian-amp.local for a while but broke it down for some reason ( long forgotten) .
The only element of configuring the WaveShare 7 Screen
(With HDMI & usb in my case) is to select it in the Display section
and then in the encoder section just select Dummies which is no encoders.

Config guide in wiki…

A normal zynthian image should get you to the stage where you can point a browser at zynthian.local and set it up from there.

That’s all I’d do to set it up. Because the next stage after that is to give it a local name :slight_smile:


Screen Works fine. ( After the traditional Two MIDI devices plugged into USB Error :slight_smile: Roland A-88 and Motor 61…)

Touch doesn’t at the moment, but the screen is powered by usb so it’s obviously connected.

@tedy are you happy with copying down a zynthian image?
Getting Zynthian software


zynthian os image complete to navigate and control ,no all in one module like this image 7 inch control suport without all in one module rotary switch encoder https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqS01SI_iiw