Zynthian IMG: Bad Gateway

Hey Guys,

I’m new to the Zynthian platform and currently trying to download the full img. ARUK.
But I’m getting a Bad Gateway page if I try downloading it.

Do more people get it? Is the server down or something?

I am seeing the bad “Bad Gateway” for any link on https://os.zynthian.org/
Also looks like others are seeing the same issue: Can't download sd-image?

Sorry guys! I’m having serious problems with the new root server. It’s unstable and all VMs dead when the root server collapses. Tomorrow i start the migration to a newer and hope, more stable one.



oh no worries, I’m glad that it isn’t a thing on my pc or something.

Let me know when it is back up again!:slight_smile:

What hypervisor are you running? I have extensive experience with KVM based ones.

Thanks for your offer, @Baggypants!

I’m using Xen (xcp-ng 8.0, to be exact). In september I migrated everything:

  • From: raw Xen server on Debian Wheezy, running on 4 cores (8 threads), 32 GB and 2 x 3TB RAID 1
  • To: xcp-ng 8.0, running on 8 cores (16 threads), 64GB, 2 x 1TB SSD RAID 1.

The migration was easy and initially everything was fine, but soon the root server started to collapse, with bizarre logs that i don’t understand because i’m new on citrix world. Since the collapses are getting more frequent and everything i tried didn’t produce any success, i’ve decided to start from scratch again in a machine with conventional HDs (2 x 8TB) instead of SSD. It should be easy to move the VMs now …

I considered the option of moving to KVM, but the migration seemed to be more complex, so i prefered to stay on Xen, that is an old friend of mine, although Citrix layer is a completely new beast for me …

FYI, the current infrastructure is composed of around 10 VMs, including some legacy server from old clients, some development/testing server, and the production Zynthian ecosystem:

  • Apache Webserver: Web, blog, wiki
  • Discourse
  • Odoo (shop and management)
  • ZynthianOS builder



I’ve not used Xen, but I’d be happy to look at bizarre logs.

Let me try again and if i can’t improve things, i will come to you with the tail between my legs :sweat_smile: