Zynthian Kit v4 another batch of kits on the way?

I missed out on the Zynthian Kit v4, will there be more kits available?

apologize if this is in the wrong spot

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Hi @Slak909!

You can be sure that a new batch of Kit V4 is on the way. I hope it will be available by the end of next week …


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First post.
That is great news! I too missed out on that last batch. Timing … :slightly_frowning_face:
Will check the website out end of next week.

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I’d be super interested in this.

Hey, you should probably add a pre-ordering system to the site.

It reduces the risk to your self if sales flop (ie, if you get no preorders, then its probably a good sign its time to move onto the next iiteration to make it attractive again) , and makes it a bit easier to convince the bank for credit if you need capital for a big batch if you can say “Hey we already have 500 preorders, so theres interest!”.

AND it reduces the anxiety for folks like me who really really really want to get one but worry I’ll miss the boat next time it passes through port.

Pre-order sounds like a good idea but only if coupled with estimated availablity date.

1.) We don’t like banks / credit. We prefer to sell what we have on hand and not living under the pressure of sticking to “estimated” dates, returning credits, etc.

2.) Anxiety of other people is other’s people problem. We really love to live & work on the present. We don’t want to create a big company nor make big money with this. Enjoying by doing what we want in the way we like have not a price … :wink:



When their money is in somebody elses pocket, people quickly get very irritated and impatient and you generally don’t want to be in between :sweat_smile:

OTOH the out-of-stock syndrome that many small-time projects and companies suffer from is annoying from the potential buyers perspective. I think it’d help quite a bit if on the product pages there was at least a mention if a new batch is in plans at some point or not at all.

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It would be good to be able to register for notification when stock is available. Maybe register for a one-shot message, e.g. email when next batch becomes available.


Thanks guys! I will try to improve the communication on the commercial side … :wink:

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I am eagerly awaiting too… though I also want to build a Pi hifi unit with Plex, so I’ll probably end up gathering HiFiBerrys…

Any updates on when it’ll be available again?

Also, it probably wouldnt be hard to set up a small mailchimp (or whatever, back in the day we’d just use mailman, but modern emails a bit tricker to do from scratch with all the DNS anti spam measures and stuff) . Just throw a field on the website with a captcha for folks to register interest, and you got a mailing list to shoot out notifications to. Its all basic marketing funnel stuff really

I hope the new kit v4.1 will be out by monday …
And it comes with Balanced Audio Input & Output! :star_struck:



That is what I was waiting for…

Greetings and God bless, Marius

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Hi @zynthianers!

The new kit v4.1 is out. It’s almost the same that the v4, except it replaces the Hifiberry DAC+ADC PRO by the DAC+ADC STAGE, that includes balanced input & output. Yessss! :star_struck:



Excellent aaaand ordered! Looking forward to assembling and playing this bad boy

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Order placed, at last ! Been lurking and hesitating (* cough cough *) for several years ! Thanks so much to the team for the continued work !

Edit : OMG, more than 4 years already… ?!