Zynthian MIDI-UB Controller


Thank you very much for the welcome. That’s very disappointing. I guess back to the drawing board.


Can i disable the soundcard? I strictly would love the use the Midi controller functionality of the unit.


Hi @Jeanious!

Don’t be confused! This post is related to a parallel subproject for building an USB-MIDI controller that is based in an arduino-like board, but it’s not related to Zynthian Project itself.

You can find the MIDI-USB controller’s case schemes and the firmware source code on github:

I only build a single unit for me and i’ve no plans for releasing a building kit in the near future.

Regarding the Zynthian Project itself, it’s a synthsizer and FX processor, not a MIDI controller, so probably it’s not a suitable starting point for your project.

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Hi Jofe! Thanks for your reply. I’d like to build something like this.


Then do it!! :wink:
You have almost everything you need …


Do you mind if I inbox you?


No! I mean you take the info from the github repository and build your own USB-MIDI controller :wink:


this is all new to me I don’t know where to start


Then, you should start by learning something about “arduino-like” boards. There are tons of tutorials about it …


Thank you Jofe! I will definitely look it up.


What is your technological background? :wink:


Some EE @jofemodo … I’m totally new to the small computing world


Then you shouldn’t have any problem with it, given than you are EE :wink:

BTW, i like your hairdress … mine is not very different :grin:


Thanks for the compliment :grinning:. I don’t know where to start however, I’m a fast learner.

I believe that I sent you a WhatsApp yesterday.


So, start by learning arduino … :wink:


I will definitely . Any suggested books?


Books?? Google, my friend …


But i suposse you could try this: