Zynthian Organic Bendings

Look what incredible sample set we got while designing the eurorack version and the vesa mounting system for the v5:

This people is from the other side. We are seriously reconsidering our design concepts. :nerd_face: :rofl:



What is this material? As a materials engineer, I could help you specify what material the parts should be made of.

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I who only have a hammer and two screwdrivers… I do less damage… :grimacing: :grimacing: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

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Ohhh ! Thanks for your kind offer! The material is OK. The problem as the transport agency. They seem to have totally crashed the packet. It’s not a provider’s fault! Just joking for not crying!!

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We were awoken this morning by a shelf falling off the wall in my study / studio with a crash as all its contents decided to jump for freedom. Some now look like those parts! It is frustrating when couriers don’t take sufficient care, especially when it impacts a project timeline.

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Yes, one fully loaded EU pallet can bruise a toe.

We solved that problem in the UK by changing to imperial measurements for our shipping containers and ensuring that red tape stops anyone from being able to deliver anything to us ever again! (“Bloody Brexit” as it is officially known!) :roll_eyes:

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in the UK you did the right thing… :pleading_face:

Oh no my friend! Being a member of a large collective bargaining organisation brings immense benefit. Being outside that group brings immense challenges.

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I think the most pressing issue today is the weather in Europe… The UK is barely visible.
Image received 3 minutes ago…

That photographer must be really tall.

It sits atop the Meteosat satellite… Over Central Africa :wink: