Zynthian Snapshot Contest Extended: 2 x V5 unit for the 2 winners!

I have to thank you… I hadn’t activated Odin because my first Zynthian was based on Raspberry P3 B+ and couldn’t handle it… now that I have a Raspberry P4 inside (which I got by disassembling my Openmediavault server :smiling_face_with_tear:) I activated Odin and I have to to say that it sounds beautiful. Thank you


3 days left… :sweat_smile:

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Yes! Come on! Let’s see what you can do. It doesn’t have to be an epic opus. We want to see and hear what you do with yours!

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I was away from home because of work and now there is no time anymore to learn how to do what I want to…
But if I was able to share what I’m thinking of it would be fun…
I will try to fire a thing tomorrow

Here is my second and last try for the contest. This time i wrote a etno-electronic tune wich i titled “Korla’s nightmare”. Korla is Korla Pandit, an american musician who invented the “exotica” musical genre. You may have seen him on some old tv show. His story has always fascinated me.
I’ve used a Rhodes piano, three Obxd instances, one SetBFree, one Calf Monosynth, one NoizeMaker, one ZynAddSubFX and the .sf2 modified Power Drum kit i already used in the previous track.
Hope you enjoy. Thanks!

Korla’s nightmare.zss (45.9 KB)
Korlas’s nightmare.mid (42.4 KB)
FluidDrumsM.sf2 (14.4 MB)


Ohhhh yessss! This is getting interesting now, really interesting. I want more :grin:

I’ve been requested to extend the period for the context, and certainly i would like to do it, but it wouldn’t be fair for those who have already worked hard for appliying on time, so …
… after thinking a little bit i’ve decided to extend the date and also double the bets, jejeje!

I’m pretty sure you would love the new conditions:

1.) The date is extended by 1 month more, up to 2023-06-30.
Those who already have sent the maximum of 3 allowed snapshots, have an extra try!

2.) There are 2 separated categories:

  • CATEGORY X: Snapshots using eXternal sequencers or MID files. Until now, all received snapshots fall in this category.

  • CATEGORY Z: Snapshots using Zynseq only. We have not received any self-contained snapshot yet and i really would like to promote the use of zynseq. We are working hard to improve zynseq workflow and all related functionality. The new stable, that is almost here, will include some interesting improvements, so if you are considering apply in this category, you may want to start using the current staging version.

3.) The winner in each one will have the same reward: an exclusive V5 unit
The winner could choose a V5 unit among several options:

  • brushed + color-anodized unit (gold, silver, red, black)
  • raw aluminum unit => a true prototype from our lab, used during the V5 development
  • standard V5 unit, sand-blasting + black anodized

4.) The 2nd and 3rd in each category will have a 50% off for buying a V5 unit
They will have the same options to choose, after winners have chosen. We have very limited quantities of these special units.

All the rest keeps the same!
I hope nobody complains for the change of conditions. I’ve tried to be fair.

Alea Iacta Est!


For those thinking about what “brushed finishing” & “raw aluminum” looks like:

This is brushed:

This is raw aluminum:



Hi, got a ZynthianV4 (Rpi4/4GB) on loan from @lars.pelz and @C0d3man and experimented. I’m excited about how versatile the Zynthian is and made two songs to get a chance at my own Zynthian :slight_smile: This is the first one:


Zynth-Relaxing.mid (20.5 KB)
Zynth-Relaxing.zss (33.7 KB)

Have fun!


… and the other one:


James-Lost-In-Space.mid (75.7 KB)
James-Lost-In-Space.zss (37.1 KB)


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Well, this could be a good motivation to learn to use Zynseq. :laughing:


For me it will be the first time with a sequencer… never used and I don’t think I have the right imagination to work in this way…

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Wow wow wow ! It’s a game changer no ?!
When should it be in stable ? Chord are working now (ho ho ho I’m excited!)

This already enticing contest keeps on growing in scope and interest, with even two separate categories and more choices of metal finish! Well thought @jofemodo :ringer_planet: :+1:

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Anyway i would say an opinion about demos: Better if the composition stays within 3 minutes or less, for many reasons, one over all: they are in fact a showcase about sound versatility and performance and the evolution in a shorter time is in my opinion much more useable by curious user.
So maybe if someone who made a long song wins the competition, could even optimize the length.
I mean, was hearing some good sounding demos but long, like it’s recognizable a iterative repetition of same loop patterns without a significant variation, and that part could be a valid candidate to optimize.
Sorry :sweat_smile:

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I would like to come back to topic :wink:
Despite of extending of time I have prepared and would like to present my attempt to snapshot contest right now.
Because of my Zynthian utilisation as one-man-band live exercises - I tried to prepare one of my composition to play live and especially tried to use as much as possible of Zynthian unique possibilities to present them. So musically it is maybe nothing special but it uses:

  • Sequencer loops for trigger bass rhythm and arpeggio,
  • Different engines with different presets,
  • Channel cloning,
  • Midi FX’s (chord and transposition) for achieving possible most huge strings orchestra unisono sound to play with one hand.
  • AudioFX’s to achieve extra space for this sounds,
  • Audio-in with Vocoder steering by midi keyboard for pseudo vocal part.

All has been recorded one take live by Zynthian internal midi recorder and can be played with its midi player (while playing one can speak/sings any words to microphone with played vocoder melody to test its function)

The song is called The Prayer. Prayer to Archangel Michael by Pope Leo XIII in Polish Language!

ArchMichael.zss (53.9 KB)
ArchMichael.mid (13.1 KB)



M A R V E L O U S!
It gave me chills!!!

Aiii, I was really sad because I couldn’t find the time to participate in the challenge…
Really happy to see the extended deadline, I’ll give it my best!!! :smiley:
Love the zynthian community and looking forward to all the great results ^^

Hey Zynthianers,

encouraged by @C0d3man and @Monstermorty I hereby present my contest entry “Train Ride”. I created it a few years ago during a boring 4-hour trip by train. Yeah, ok, there may be songs with more sophisticated titles :smile: Anyway, the song was sequenced using OpenMODPlugTracker since I’m more a tracker guy than a piano roller. I replaced the sampled instruments and VSTs by Zynthian Chains and got an even better result than the original! However, MIDI timing is really bad with my setup (OMPT / Windows / Behringer UPhoria UMC404), so I exported the MIDI data from the tracker, uploaded it to the Zynthian and used the Zynthian MIDI recorder for playback. This way I got really stable timings :star_struck:
I used only preset sounds and engines that come with ZynthianOS, except the ZynAddSubFX preset for the melody, because I like that glassy sound so much. It just had to be in there!

So here we come to the fun part:
Title: “Train Ride” by DJ IceBear
Audio recording:
Train Ride.mid (41.1 KB)
Train Ride.zss (42.8 KB)
“Glass Bell” ZynAddSubFX preset:
bell.xiz (1.7 KB)
Mixer screenshot: