Zynthian Sound Demo

Here is my first little Demo with the Zynthian.
Little Demo Song with 8 Tracks.
All Tracks are coming simultaneously from the Zynthian.
Triggert by Midi and recorded with some EQ and Compression (DAW).


Lovely stuff…! From a zynth community perspective It’s really nice watching the zynth interface whilst it works it’s magic… :slight_smile:

It’s always tempting to play the ‘this is like’ game and I’m trying to resist such comparisons because it really only demonstrates the limitations of myself as a critic as opposed to the obvious considerable talents of yourself as an arranger. And you certainly are that. Good music moves emotion and the suspense you build is wonderful. Congratulations!

Champion! Lovely track and nice vid!

Hi @! This is one of the most beautiful tracks made with zynthian i’ve listened. Congratulations … and thanks for sharing!! :wink:

What did you have on the various layers…?

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Could you share a snapshot? :wink:

Added to the wiki and the youtube channel :wink:

Thanks you for your approval.
I’m glad that you like this little demo song!

The layers:

#1: ZY1-Drums/Drums Kit1
#2: ZY2-Drums/Drums Kit1
#3: ZY3-Bass/Analogue Bass
#4: ZY4-the mysterious bank 2/fantasy choir
#5: ZY5-Arpeggios/Soft Arpeggio3
#6: ZY6-Collection/Bottle
#7: ZY7-Companion/Tinkle Bell
#8: ZY8-Collection/Ethereal

Plus some effects:

JV/Calf Reverb3-null/null
JV/MDA Delay2-null/null

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