Zynthian with NLDR

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Has someone experience with Zynthian and the NLDR?
Youtube Video NLDR

I think this could be great, because of multi midi output. What do you think?

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It’s a nice demo…:smiley: and a nice website. IT explains it well and I like the warning about fakes … :slight_smile:

80mAmp ? I’m pretty sure the Zynth could carry that . … :smiley:
It’s all about the UI isn’t it really? I’d be interesting in trying it with a run of 8 Church bells. (We call them changes not arpeggios :slight_smile: )


Hi Andurill,

I did not know the NDLR, but I use a Yamaha QY700 in Pattern mode to do almost the same thing (the QY700 is not really an arpeggiator, but it is very easy to program arpeggio phrases in it and then use the chord changer in real time)

And it’s also so delicious to deal with a machine only knowing 3.8 filenames on floppy… :wink: (even if I have replaced the floppy drive on mine by a SD card reader)

I had a QY20, a QY22 and a QY100… all of those had the gummy keyboard, but the QY700… it was the machine with keys stolen from a '60s electromechanical calculator, if I remember correctly… :rofl:

People at Teenage Engineering know something about those keys… :rofl: :rofl:

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Ah ah ah ah, you reversed a digit, not from 60’s but from 90’s :wink:

But yes, you are right, the QY700 is the one with mechanical keys (made by Cherry in Germany by the way), which makes it robust as a tank !

Honnestly, I think that the QY700 is one of the best, if not the best sequencer ever made. I still use mine everyday, and the only weak point is the backlight of the LCD which is a pain to replace.

There is an incredible amount of features in it (user manual = 400 pages…), and it’s a true pleasure to use in live situation (it can even compete with Ableton Live… if you accept to carry all of your synths with you or at least a PC/Mac with a VST host). If I add the preset phrases and the phrases I have on floppy emulator, I think I have something like 25,000 “styles” (that’s how Yamaha calls patterns) in my database (and each style can contain up to 99 phrases, which can be transposed, grooved, time shfted, etc…in real time :crazy_face:)

One of my QY700 is hooked permanently with my Zynthian, I should make a video someday to show what you can achieve with this couple, in the NLDR spirit…

The machine was from late '90s, but the keys are much older, at least ahestetically :wink: (And I like them, BTW)

Backlight is one of the biggest problem in most vintage synthesizers and other old hardware.
I have a Fluke Scopemeter with backlight KO, and replacing it requires detaching of the glass panel from the display board, and realigning the zebra connectors by hand during the reassembly is almost impossible :confused: (I’ve replaced countless EL panels in my life, I know when to give up)