Zynthians setbfree and Nektar LX-88

Hi @ all!
I recently bought a Nektar LX-88 keyboard. It has 9 sliders, which I would connect with the setbfree for using as drawbars.
Has anybody done this already (even with another keyboard)?
How does one this?

Thanks for any hints says


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Hi @boerge!

Nice to meet you. Welcome to zynthian community! :wink:

I’ve a Behringer Mötor 61, that also has 9 sliders, but motorized :yum:

It works perfectly with Zynthian & setBfree. For assigning the sliders to the drawbars you can follow 2 different approaches:

  • From the keyboard, map the sliders to the default MIDI-CC used by setBfree on zynthian: 70-78
  • From zynthian, use the MIDI learning

I prefer method 1 because the Motor 61 allows to save different mappings with the name you like, so every time i want to use setBfree i simply load “setBfree” mapping (in my case, it’s always loaded by default).
Zynthian MIDI learning is also very easy, but you have to do it for every slider when you create a new snapshot. It takes only 1 minute, but i find more comfortable the first way.


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Just tried it - it works! Great!

Thank you very much for helping :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow … I didn’t know behringer did keyboards with umlauts. I totally need a motör61 now!


Eh eh… Behriñgør ist so įntęrnäschiœńņal…


That keyboard is so freaking cool :star_struck: Does it weigh a million?

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featherlight… I’ve got one too.

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It’s really cool … but the key action is not the best.