001:model D - a MIDI controller for Minimoog

I saw this Project on Kickstarter, it looks great as controller for Raffo Synth.


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Seeing the price of a Boog, not sure it’s worth it

If one constructs an i2c instance for a switch and an encoder this becomes something that zynthian could do rather easily.

This provides a encoder and two io ports.

A switch and a LED perhaps?

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It’s literally more expensive, the price of this is way out of whack.

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You are right. I haven’t see the price. Is far more expensive than a Behringer Model D.

Besides, there is a diy minimoog controller. I’m useless at DIY, but also, I don’t think that I really need this.

Something like this ? 36 knobs, USB power and DIN MIDI out


That looks great :grinning:

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It’s easy enough to do it, for the price they’re asking

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I just built a 24 knob usb midi controller for Zynth. Using the amazing Control Surface library. So easy.

Cost about $40 AUD to make.

Making a nice panel is the most costly part.

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