2 new plugins added:

Hi @zynthianers!

I just added 2 little jewels that were missed from the list. Both are high quality plugins from our friend @x42.

Just update and enjoy!



it’s a bit confusing that the “gain” control of the EQ bands is on the next layer… not quite logical.


The controls for lv2 plugins get mapped in the order they are presented from the plugin. They’re rarely logical unfortunately. We would either have to dig in to each plugin code and try to manage the order, or code up some sort of ‘favorites’ mode so users can re-order them.

More config, but ultimately probably required. . . .
Eventually. .

I absolutely agree; it would be great if we were allowed to define the order of the plugins in the layer lists. Well, ofcourse we have snapshots to create personalised listing orders, but still