2109 Sfizz vs LinuxSampler Audio

@jofemodo Thank you for the 2109 0921 update! Here is my first comparison of Sfizz and Linuxsampler.

I used the Pi 4 headphone out into a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 2nd generation into Quicktime m4a into Logic exported to mp3 (that was a mouthful…)

My test is a Brass sfz file that has CC1 applied to pitch LFO, CC2 applied to Filter and Amp LFO, and CC74 tied to filter cutoff.

I used a 2 pole filter, 1200 hz cutoff, cc74 depth of 9600 and filter/amp lfo depth on cc2 of 200.

Using the 2109 release I had to increase the alsamixer gain to 0db to get a good sound level. In the stable version (d852c8f) the mixer output level is -4.5 db. Both synth volumes were 96.

Like Linuxsampler, Sfizz also recognizes coded controllers - you can hard code ccs into your sfz file.

Here is the audio using 2109 Linuxsampler:

Here is similar audio using 2109 Sfizz:

Here is the audio from the Linuxsampler stable:

The big differences are the filter cutoff depth and the Amp LFO depth.

We still need to gain stage the two synths as well.

My next test will load about 750 meg of sfzs across 9 Midi Channels.

Sam in NJ USA