2109 Stable Obxd Crashes on Load - Obxd.json

Please peek at this. With the new stable 2109, I get this error when launching Obxd and then the Zynthian reboots through the Splash and IP screen.

Sep 26 10:06:14 zynthian startx[7767]: ERROR:zynthian_lv2.get_plugin_presets: Can’t load presets cache file ‘/zynthian/config/jalv/presets_Obxd.json’: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘/zynthian/config/jalv/presets_Obxd.json’

It appears that the presets do not create and are not loaded.

The full log is here:

log.rtf (602.2 KB)

Other engines (ZynSub, Sfizz and Dexed) launch correctly.
Thank you! Sam

I do not see this behaviour on a machine updated from testing to stable 2109. Nor do I see it after subsequently updating to 2109.1 (hot fix for mod-ui).

What image did you install? What version do you have installed? What is your exact workflow.

Hi @riban!

I downloaded 2109 stable from the discourse link using Safari on mac Mojave. Twice.

I burned the image to a 32 gig sd card using Balena Etcher for the Mac. Twice.

I updated the software. Twice.

I have a rpi4 , waveshare 7 hdmi touch display and rbpi headphones.

I will download the image again and try to etch again. Maybe the image/etch corrupts when my screensaver starts.


You could try updating the presets:

  • Point a web browser at Zynthian, e.g. http://zynthian.local
  • Click on the SOFTWARE menu and select LV2-Plugins
  • Click on the button labelled, “Search for new Plugins & Presets”
  • Wait for it to complete
  • Try to add Obxd as a layer in Zynthian main UI (Layers menu)