4-Pin JST Connectors

Hello All! Long time reader, not so long registered, first time posting.

I have some working Zynthian guts (RPi 3B with Landzo 3.5" with touch feature not working, using a mouse, very cheap working DAC - replacing with a bit less cheap AudioInjector any day now, and my USB MIDI controller)

I’ve been searching the forum and I haven’t found this yet. Does anyone know the specific part numbers/types for the 4-Pin JST style male connectors to be soldered onto the All-in-One V2 board? (and possibly the female plugs as well) I already have bought the PCB itself and have found the other components. I found some on Amazon referenced as JST style but I can’t tell and they don’t seem the same - and they seem way overpriced. Also tracked down some other JST company stuff but can’t find it.

Or since I’m doing this piece by piece is there any reason to use these kinds of connectors other than keeping polarity correct if I were to buy the official wiring kit later? I’ve noticed they seem to be standard widths apart between pins, which break-away male pins fit in, assuming standard pin sizes.

Currently trying to find them at Digikey or in the US at least.

I also ordered the official ribbon cable so I’m slowly edging toward a more standard/official, fully functioning Zynthian with MIDI etc.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated - Thank you very much anyone! :slight_smile:

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Maybe these? B4B-XH-A(LF)(SN)


Hi @rockwater!

I use to buy the JST connectors and wires from Aliexpress. It takes sometime to arrive, but it’s cheap and reliable.


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