5 Midi devices connected, only one is working

And it stopped working or is it just a warning meesage ?

That’s the reason why it stopped. The period must just have ended. The next release should have 6.4.1, right @jofemodo?
6.5 doesn’t seem to work very well.
If they/we can’t fix it, they should provide us an unlimited demo version.

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Do I/We have to report the issue somewhere ?

Shouldn’t this be something we cater for with remote osc/MIDI control?
A remote zynthian device that expects to speak to a rendering engine elsewhere?

It would, at least, provide a robust back stop, but might need displaying in status to declare an interface as remote.
There is also the possibility of a remotely equipped device with MIDI and no audio. That will require some jack element at least.

Grubby stuff, this but probably worth a ticket.

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This issue tracks the issue with Jack and includes a suggestion that we handle lack of PCM (audio) interface however Jack requires a PCM clock so I don’t think we can use Jack MIDI without it. For other projects I have avoided using Jack for MIDI. It doesn’t offer many advantages and has drawbacks. If we want to support an audioless Zynthian then maybe MIDI should be handled at ALSA level.
There may be a way to start Jack with a dummy PCM clock, I haven’t looked far but maybe something like Dummy ALSA.

Please raise an issue for the Pianoteq issue here. It is a different topic to the issue being discussed here.

Thank you ! That’s kind to you.